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Refreshing Bulghur salad with orange juice, mint, cranberries and Silan

For this salad, just like for Tabouleh salad, use finely ground Bulghur/Bulgur (we call it Burghul in Israel and all over the Middle East).  Bulghur wheat are kernels of wheat that have been boiled, allowed to dry and then crushed. … Continue reading

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Fresh Tabouleh with a “twist”: an addition of pomegranates, orange fillets and pine nuts

Another way of incorporating citrus food into your daily diet: Traditional Tabouleh salad is made of lots of chopped herbs (parsley, green/spring onions and nana/Middle Eastern mint), soaked burghul/Bulghur, lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. It can … Continue reading

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Citrus Fruits and pomegranate salad with Nana/mint and honey

Citrus fruit season has already started in Israel even though it’s November and the weather is still warm and sunny. Pomegranate Season, however, is almost over so I’m making use of the last fruits of the season.   Just like … Continue reading

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