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Middle Eastern twist on “Pizza”

I got home yesterday evening and was so hungry ! I almost picked up the phone and ordered Pizza (yes, pizza is a very well known Israeli food ((((-; ) But then I opened the fridge and saw: za’atar spice, … Continue reading

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“Green” Tahini sauce/Tarator – with herbs

You can use it on vegetable salads, falafel, sauteed or roasted vegetables, patties, meat (I’m vegetarian so I use meat-like-soy-products instead), french fries, cooked rice !!! We put it on so many things just like you guys use Ketchup ! … Continue reading

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Hummus: served with tahini sauce/tarator and sauteed mushrooms

Who invented the Hummus? Was it the Lebanese? the Jordanians? Maybe the Israeli Arabs? (((((((((((-: Frankly, I don’t care ! Whoever invented it was a genius ! In Israel there’s another version eaten with mushrooms (on top of the hummus … Continue reading

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Another week, Another Batch of Hummus

My first post deals with a staple Israeli, Middle-Eastern food: Hummus. I’m giving you a basic recipe for my Hummus paste but will post more ideas and suggestions for Hummus dips later. I prefer home-cooked chickpeas to canned ones so … Continue reading

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