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The Sour Facts About Cow’s Milk

The Sour Facts About Milk: increased estrogen, tons of antibiotics, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)… are all included in the cow’s milk you are consuming. I do eat dairies but stopped drinking milk many years ago when I realized it was … Continue reading

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Beliefs That Are Keeping You Unhappy/ by Caroline Zwick

“We often tell ourselves stories about our lives, our goals and our dreams. We put so much urgency into these stories that often they morph into rigid rules. This habit can hold us back from embracing change and growth. To … Continue reading

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Spinach Pastel made by Sephardic Jews – on my Vegetarian friend’s blog:

I love Beverlee’s vegetarian blog. I highly recommend it so feel free to check out her new blog and follow it. And here is the spinach pastel casserole shame made:

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Check my friend’s new food blog: Musings from the yellow kitchen

Another of my foodie friends started her new blog only a few days ago. I know how good and creative she is in the kitchen plus she takes beautiful photos. Feel free to check out her new blog: Good … Continue reading

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