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Churros – Fried Argentinian choux pastry doughnuts

Although the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is over, I want to post a few more of the deep-fried recipes that I usually make during this holiday that commemorates the ancient miracle of  at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem: Ingredients • … Continue reading

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Homemade Hanukkah Doughnuts (Soofganiot, in Hebrew): tastes a lot better than store-bought

The dough for these is the same dough I use for my yeast cakes, I let it rise at room temperature and them refrigerated it till the evening. They can be filled with traditional strawberry jam filling or various other … Continue reading

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Draniki: Potato Latkes/flapjacks filled with minced meat-substitute (in my case: soy, becase I’m vegetarian)

Hannukah is coming up tomorrow evening and I’d like to share another version of a fried dish, this time it is Russian “Latkes” (patties) filled with minced meat, but since I’m vegetarian I used soy-meat-substitute instead. Serve it with cold … Continue reading

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Potatoes and Herbs Latkes / Patties (Levivot, in Hebrew) – for the coming holiday of Hannukah

As I’ve already shared with you on a previous post, the Jewish 8-day-holiday of Hanukkah is coming up in a few days and it is a tradition to eat fried foods during this holiday in celebration of the oil miracle. … Continue reading

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