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Shalom. My name is Michal and I'm Israeli. I would like to share with you my passion to vegetarian food, cooking and baking from scratch, using local ingredients (whatever I can find in the market, instead of using canned ingredients)

The Second Annual Chocolate Week in Israel

The Land of Milk and Honey Becomes a Land of High-End Chocolate Chocolate Week begins in Israel, spotlighting dozens of artisan chocolatiers that have sprung up in the past few years. This photo collage was taken last year, on the … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Coconut-Lemon Cake

Since Citrus Fruits are in season now, here is a Lemon-coconut Gluten Free cake that is also kosher for Passover (in case you are looking for ideas for next Passover). For the Coconut-almond base (for a round 24 cm/9 inch … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern twist on “Pizza”

I got home yesterday evening and was so hungry ! I almost picked up the phone and ordered Pizza (yes, pizza is a very well known Israeli food ((((-; ) But then I opened the fridge and saw: za’atar spice, … Continue reading

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Kadaiif discs with Mandarin Pastry Cream and Strawberries

For the Kadaiff base: 200 grams (7 oz) Kadaiff strands-dough 150 grams (5.25 oz) melted Butter 50 grams (1.75 0z) Powdered sugar Add melted butter and powdered sugar to the kadaif thin strands. Mix it all with your fingers till … Continue reading

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Mamaliga in Romania, Polenta in Italy – same thing, different names

It’s one of those days… when I REALLY don’t feel like cooking…or even chopping veggies for a salad ! But, hey, we need to eat something, right? So I made a quick, simple dinner, based on my family’s Romanian cuisine … Continue reading

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More Hummus…with spices

In Israel we call both the chickpeas (the seeds) and the paste – Hummus. As a general rule – I’d rather cook dried chickpeas after soaking them in plenty of water for at least 12 hours than use canned ones; … Continue reading

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Hummus with Avocado

This dish is dedicated to one of my FB page readers. Thank you for inspiring me to make this combination ! Hummus with avocado recipe (2 servings) 300 grams (10.5 oz) COOKED chickpeas 100 grams (3.5 oz) avocado flesh (1 … Continue reading

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Another week, Another Batch of Hummus

Originally posted on Vegetarian Foodesigns from the Land of Milk and Honey:
My first post deals with a staple Israeli, Middle-Eastern food: Hummus. I’m giving you a basic recipe for my Hummus paste but will post more ideas and suggestions…

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Drunk Figs in Red wine and Brandy, filled with almonds

Tu Bishvat – The Jewish “New Year of Trees – is coming up in a couple of weeks “The first time Tu Bishvat – Rosh Ha’shanah La-Ilanot – New Year of trees – is mentioned in the Mishna (the book of … Continue reading

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Tu Bi-shvat (15th of the Hebrew month of Shvat) – The New Year of Trees – coming up in 2 weeks

“A TIME TO GROW This year on Tu B’Shvat, as you’re gnawing that slab of carob, ask yourself: Am I getting the spiritual food and shelter I need to survive, or is my tree being blown down by the forces … Continue reading

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