My Name is Michal (a Biblical name from the old testament which is pronounced “Mikhal”).

I started my Israeli vegetarian food page on Face book on April 2012, during the holiday of Pesakh (Passover). I had just quit my day job after 9 years.

I owned my own bakery from home which was quite successful and therefore forced me to work many long hours on my feet, baking pastries of all sorts. This took a toll on my physical health and I eventually decided to quit.

Friends suggested I start a blog. I found FB to be an easier, more tangible platform so I chose that instead of writing a blog.

However, over a year later, I decided to start this blog in addition to my Facebook page because I wanted my recipes and posts to be organized and easier for my readers to find. Image 


32 Responses to About

  1. Many best wishes with your new blog! I hope you find the WordPress and food blogging communities warm and welcoming. I’m not on FB so I will see you here instead 😀

  2. My favourite recipe book now has a blog! Yay! Congrats on starting your blog – I am looking reading all your wonderful thoughts and recipes.

  3. Jody and Ken says:

    Good luck! You’ve let a dragon in your house (but you had a home bakery, so you already know what that’s like). Ken

  4. Good luck with your new blog- you have beautiful pictures!
    Would you be interested in allowing me to use them on my blog, attributing the source and a link to your blog?

  5. You have a lovely blog…. When I read “Land of milk and honey,” I assumed the blog was an Indian one because that is what we Indians call India. 🙂

  6. giantpegasus says:

    Forgot to mention are you familiar with livnot? My uncle runs that and has for at least 20 years now.

  7. Carolina says:

    So nice! 🙂 I would like someday to have my own little bakery shop, it is more of a dream but well who knows! ^^ Do you still have yours? And do you blog full time now? I think your friends did very well on suggesting you a Blog as I can see you have really nice recipes to share! 🙂 and was the restaurant in Israel?

  8. Shalom, Michal!
    I have nominated your blog for Blog of the Year: 2013. Mazel tov!

  9. So glad to have found your blog today. Boy do you know how to make latke’s! Wonderful! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more…

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  11. You have been nominated for the Shine On Award! Thank you so much for being a source of inspiration and enjoyment!

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