Mushroom Soup

Check out this mushroom soup at “Musings from the Yellow Kitchen” – I love mushrooms and soup is so appropriate for this cold weather (-:

Musings from the Yellow Kitchen

mushroomsA couple of weeks ago I had a hankering for mushroom soup, but not any mushroom soup I’d ever had before. I’m not a big fan of cream of mushroom soup, and many other recipes I’ve found have more of an oriental flavour than I was in the mood for right then. I scoured my recipe books, and when nothing seemed right, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just make what I wanted.

This is a warm, comforting soup with enough vegetables in it to make it a light meal, and full of umami, that elusive fifth taste that satisfies us so much. The soup can be made pareve by using oil instead of butter, and while I’ve thickened it slightly with flour, you can easily make it gluten-free by using corn starch or potato starch instead of the flour. I hope you like it.


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