Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Melt-in-your-mouth coconut-butter cookies


I’m not really into trying Gluten Free cakes and cookies since I love using flour and I already have enough culinary restrictions as it is (I’m vegetarian, observe Kosher and suffer from IBS…)

However, I’ve had this organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil/butter and a package of rice flour which I bought a while ago and I figured – why not try something different.

So I read about converting wheat flour to rice flour and found out I had to convert half the amount to rice flour and divide the other half between corn starch and tapioca flour.


I also wanted to play with that organic cold pressed coconut oil I had and since I knew it could change from liquid to solid pretty fast – I used it to my advantage.

250 gram (8.75 oz) cold-pressed coconut oil (pay close attention to instructions)
50 gram (1.75 oz) powdered sugar
A pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
Lemon zest (from one lemon)
150 gram (5.25 oz) Thai white rice flour (the flour I used was a very fine powder, just like corn starchקמח-אורז )
75 gram (2.6 oz) corn starch
75 gram (2.6 oz) tapioca flour/ starch

More powdered sugar (for dipping)

1. The most important part of the recipe is the coconut oil texture:
At first, the coconut oil should be in its liquid form. Weigh 250 (8.75 oz) in a heat proof bowl and refrigerate for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes – start checking its texture. It should be white and firm but still moist enough for your finger to go through. If it’s not the right texture and is still mostly liquid – refrigerate for 5 more minutes and check again till it gets to the right texture.
2. Cut the coconut butter into cubes and place them with the powdered sugar, salt and vanilla extract in a mixer bowl. Using the K beater, cream the coconut butter with the sugar. Start at slow speed and continue at a higher speed till the mixture becomes creamy.
3. Add the rice flour, corn starch and tapioca flour along with the lemon zest and beat at a slow speed till a crumbly dough is formed. This will take a couple of minutes. Gather the crumbs into a batter manually, cover the dough with cling film and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
4. You can either roll the dough into a long roll, refrigerate and then, after half an hour, slice it into a 1/4 of an inch (about 1 cm) slices
Make small balls, flatten them a bit and create a decoration (with a fork or any other devise you’d like to use).
6. Bake at medium temperature (350F/170C) for 15 minutes.
7. Dip them in more powdered sugar or – if they’re sweet enough for you – skip this step.

About vegetarian foodesigns from the land of milk and honey

Shalom. My name is Michal and I'm Israeli. I would like to share with you my passion to vegetarian food, cooking and baking from scratch, using local ingredients (whatever I can find in the market, instead of using canned ingredients)
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5 Responses to Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Melt-in-your-mouth coconut-butter cookies

  1. This is a beautiful recipe. I must find Thai white rice flour, since it is so fine and light. You know, I am also a vegetarian SOMEtimes. I go through bouts of anemia when I switch back to meat. I have suffered from horrible IBS my entire life and do sympathize with you there. As for keeping Kosher – it is much easier when I am vegetarian. Hard to keep kosher in New Mexico… not many Jews here. Take good care, Michal. 🙂 Shanna

    • Shanna, so how DO you keep Kosher over there? or are you not strictly observant?
      Wow, so you have IBS as well? It is the “unknown” disease that doctors call it when nothing else is found in medical examinations and then you have to figure out how to live with it…and be very in tune with your body.

      • Hi, Michal-
        I have many friends who keep kosher. It is much easier in large cities. I basically don’t eat pork but an not very observant at this point in terms of kashrut. For me, I have found that cow’s milk really aggravates my GI tract, so I completely avoid it. I think hormonal shifts may affect it, too. I agree – you just have to be in tune with your body. What has worked for you? How did you become a vegetarian?
        Warm regards,
        Shanna xx

      • Shanna, I agree with you about hormonal shifts affecting IBS !!! Most definitely ! and stress, of course.
        I’m still suffering from it but avoiding many foods that aggravate my gut, such as: legumes (although I do eat 1-2 Tbsp of Hummus from time to time), most veggies in their fresh form (unfortunately) – but again, it depends how severe the symptoms are at a certain point in time, cauliflower-Broccoli-cabbage are a “NO NO” !, I totally avoid cow’s milk… what else?
        Many times even chocolate is a problem but I love it so much so I eat it only when my system feels better and I reserve it to special occasions (hence: only once in a while, when I make a four-less chocolate cake for guests).
        It’s a constant “battle”.
        Plus – eating small portions, several times a day, instead of 3 large meals works for me.

        I became vegetarian when I was 15, 23 years ago, after watching “Dances with Wolves” when I was living in the U.S.
        There was a scene there in which the white men slaughtered the Buffulos just for their skin/fur. Apart from making me realize how cruel it was, I realized that we didn’t need dead animals to survive.
        The native Americans killed animals for their survival and used everything: from nourishment to clothing, etc… But we don’t need to kill animals for survival

      • Michal –
        Very good points about IBS! Also, I admire your respect for animals and nature. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with me!

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