I can’t stress this enough: Invest in a good Juicer and start your day with loads of vitamins!


Start your morning with juicing veggies and some fruits !!! Invest in a good juicer (it’s not even that expensive) and get so many health benefits:

It will raise your metabolism,
help digestion,
raise your energy levels and is really good for your skin.You get so many vitamins that you can’t get by trying to eat the same amount of veggies plus juicing is a lot easier to digest because the fiber is left in the machine (and if you want to re-use it you can always use it in soups or patties).

One important thing you should remember: “After you juice, the vitamins and minerals start to oxidize in about 15 minutes, this is why it’s important to drink it right away”

Here is a very good article about juicing veggies and fruits:


About vegetarian foodesigns from the land of milk and honey

Shalom. My name is Michal and I'm Israeli. I would like to share with you my passion to vegetarian food, cooking and baking from scratch, using local ingredients (whatever I can find in the market, instead of using canned ingredients)
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